Teaching the speaking skill: speaking activities to develop Learners’ communicative competence.A case study: second year middle level

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Many researchers in the field of language teaching and learning have agreed that the aim of the majority of people is to speak English fluently and with the least difficulties. Learners consider that to be able to speak in English means to know the language. The communicative approach to language teaching and learning was the reason behind which tasks have been given great importance. Tasks, therefore, are regarded as an organizational principle of the lesson. They are taught in the four macroskills of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Algerian learners suffer from not being able to speak English as they want. They complain that they feel frustrated when they encounter some troubles to express themselves in English. Research has shown that oral communicative tasks are the best tools to enhance learners’ communicative abilities and help them to acquire some strategies that they might use in their everyday life situations. Our work is an attempt to discover whether the speaking tasks, which are designed for second year elementary pupils, are appropriate and sufficient to enhance their proficienci
communicative competence, language learning, oral expression, speaking skill